Ellwood Derricks

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Biographical Stuff

I was born on December 25, 1949 in Philadelphia. I liked drawing at an early age (maybe nine or ten). My Dad, who had no training but could play music by ear and instinctively knew how to draw things in perspective, showed me a few tricks that really piqued my interest.

A bit later, at LaSalle College High School, one of my favorite classes was art with Brother Jerome. I considered majoring in art at Temple but, in the end, I elected mathematics. I did keep my hand in it, so to speak, by taking studio and art history classes. Fortunately, there were several very good artists teaching there at the time. Among them Neil Kosh and Dennis Adams were (and still are ) influential.

My college art experience culminated with a two person exhibit at Temple's Paley library. After graduation, I spent another year taking studio courses at Tyler then moved to Harrisburg, PA and pursued a career as a computer geek for the Navy. I made art from 1975 - 1978 and showed at Harrisburg Community College and Montgomery County Community College. In 1995 I started painting again and have been at it since then.

Influential Artists Include

    Marcel Duchamp
    Dennis Adams (he introduced me to the work of Duchamp, among others)
    René Magritte
    Edward Hopper
    Anselm Kiefer


    BA Temple University 1971
    Temple University Tyler School of Art 1971-72


    Art Association of Harrisburg
    Susquehanna Museum
    Maryland Federation of Art
    Philadelphia/Tri State Artists Equity Association